Master’s Programme

The Master European Studies in Software Verification (ESSV) is a 2-years study programme hold by Université de Bordeaux in collaboration with ENSEIRB-MATMECA. The Master is composed of 3 semesters of highly specialised academic courses and a final internship semester (spent within a company or a research laboratory) leading to the Master thesis. International mobility during the second semester is strongly encouraged (see International Mobility). Several partner Universities are willing to welcome the students with appropriate study programs. The successful completion of the study program (i.e. validating each semester) is awarded Master’s degree in Computer Science by Bordeaux University.

First year

The first year follows semesters 7 and 8 of “Master d’Informatique, Algorithmes et Méthodes Formelles (parcours informatique fondamentale)“. Classes are taught in French. Semester 7 focuses on basic topics of computer science.

Compulsory (18 ECTS) Object-oriented programming 6 ECTS
Computability and complexity 6 ECTS
Logic 6 ECTS
Elective (12 ECTS) Operating systems 6 ECTS
Foundations of image and sound processing 6 ECTS
Compiler design 6 ECTS
Computer networks 6 ECTS
Semester 7 (fall)

Semester 8 offers a wide variety of topics for elective classes. Students may as well choose to follow a semester abroad in a partner University (see International Mobility).

Compulsory (24 ECTS) English 3 ECTS
Professionalizing 3 ECTS
Programming project 12 ECTS
Graph algorithms and operations research 6 ECTS
Elective (6 ECTS) Image processing 6 ECTS
High performance 3D programming 6 ECTS
Semantics web, language and reasoning 6 ECTS
Network administration 6 ECTS
Formal design of software 6 ECTS
Multi-core and GPU programming 6 ECTS
Cryptology 6 ECTS
Semester 8 (spring)

Second year

During the second year, the students of the Master’s program specialise in software verification (Master d’Informatique, Algorithmes et Méthodes Formelles (parcours “software verification”). The second year is followed by students from the University of Bordeaux and by students from Bordeaux INP engineering school (ENSEIRB-MATMECA). Classes are taught in english.

Compulsory (30 ECTS) Modeling techniques 6 ECTS *
Games and controller synthesis 6 ECTS *
Modern type-oriented constructions in programming languages 6 ECTS *
Software verification 6 ECTS *
Research project and seminars 6 ECTS *
Bordeaux INP students only (5 ECTS) B-Method / Formal design of software with TLA+ 5 ECTS
Semester 9 (fall)
(*) 5 ECTS for Bordeaux INP students

The last semester is dedicated to the Master’s thesis. It can be done within a research laboratory or in a company anywhere in the World. The evaluation of the student’s work is performed through a Master Thesis report and a defense that takes place at the end of the semester.

Compulsory (30 ECTS) Master’s thesis (lab or company) 30 ECTS
Semester 10 (spring)